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Providing comprehensive facility maintenance services for commercial and government clients


Why your business’s lack of cleanliness could be losing you money


Why QS?

We’re one of the leading providers of environmentally-friendly facility maintenance services in the mid-Atlantic region.  When you partner with QS, you can expect reliability, clear and timely communication, and accountability. 

The better image your business has?

The more customers you attract and keep


Image goes further than just your business’s logo and how your facility is set up. Image has to do with how thoroughly clean your building is too. 

How refined are your carpets?


Are your windows crystal clear?


How attractive are your office spaces?


Is your hotel or restaurant welcoming?

These are just some of the things customers are

thinking of when they first visit you.

 Many business owners and managers forget this which causes them to lose out on long-term  customers, and  

lots of money

According to the 2017 Consumer Insights Cleaning Survey by P&G Professional™:  9 in 10 customers will have an overall negative opinion of an independent business if the public spaces are not clean.


Now that’s CRAZY

Meaning even if you provide the best services,

if your facility isn’t polished and presentable, you’ll lose out on a returning customer.


Because they invested in great cleaning services, causing customers to trust them more which elevated them above the competition.

So it’s time you make sure your business is the best as far as cleanliness as well! Because a squeaky clean building will drive you more returning customers.

Even if you’re a better option for a client a rival business will still win the client over just because their building is cleaner.

Which means?

More money in your pockets

And guess what?


Those same customers are more likely to refer your business to a friend.


We understand that you work so hard and provide amazing services to your customers. Day in and day out you use your skills to provide the best experience imaginable.


It’s terrible when businesses across the nation put in countless hours of hard work, just to lose out due to cleanliness.

So what's your solution?


How can you today set yourself apart from the hundreds of businesses in your industry?


How can you make your business, restaurant, home or office welcoming to people?



Book a cleaning appointment with Quality Service Management.


We are a cleaning service that specializes in giving your business a spotless and modern renovation. 


What do we do?

  • Complete floor care including stripping, carpet cleaning

  • scrubbing, sealing, re-finishing, buffing

  • Premium Janitorial Services That leaves your facility spotless

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Day Porter Services

  • Maintenance and Operations service

  • New Construction Make-Ready & Post Construction cleaning

  • Remodeling cleanup

  • Window washing To Give Your Windows Good shine

  • Housekeeping Services For Homes

And More!


How You Benefit

  • World Class Cleaning For Your Facility

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Quality Cleaning with Attention To Detail

  • No hidden fees

  • More returning customers!

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